Trade In Policy

All books brought in for trade MUST be in good condition.
Books should be clean, with front and back covers attached, and all pages intact.

We will not take dirty, torn or musty books. Out of date material is also not acceptable.

Due to limited space, we ask that no more than 2 bags or 2 boxes
be traded per customer per day.

**** Please Note ****
There is a CASH fee for each book you purchase with credit (trade).
25% of the printed cover price is paid in CASH, CHECK, or CHARGE at the time you use your credit to buy books.

Trade in Policy for Hardbacks

Hardcover books will be accepted for trade at the discretion of the management. They must be in good condition.
Once books are accepted, they will be priced and your credit is 25% of the selling price.
When using trade credits to purchase hardbacks, the service charge is 25% of the published price;
if no price then the minimum service charge will be $3.00 for hardback books only.
For Children’s Hardbacks Only…….
Credit earned may be used toward Hardbacks or Children’s Paperbacks.

Trade in Policy for Paperbacks

There are three (3) categories for trading paperbacks….
*Series Romance, Harlequin & Silhouette
*General Fiction / Mystery / Non-Fiction
*Paranormal / Fantasy / Science Fiction

  • Romance, Harlequin & Silhouette
    This includes all numbered, series and Regency type “Romances”.
    Credit is computed at 25% of the printed cover price. Books in this category only trade for others in this group.
  • General Fiction / Mystery / Non-Fiction
    Includes Westerns, Christian, Self-Help and non-fiction paperbacks.
    Credit is computed at 25% of the printed cover price. This credit can be used on books this category or in the  General Fiction/Romance category.
  • Paranormal/ Fantasy / Science Fiction
    Credit is computed at 25% of the printed cover price, and can be used toward any category of paperback.
    You must have credit in this category to trade for Paranormal / Fantasy or Science Fiction.
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